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Wyoming Office Rental - 17th & Central Executive Suites

Wyoming Office Rental

Wyoming office rental service is offered by our other company, the prestigious 17th & Central Executive Suites.  17th & Central office leasing service offers a wide variety of office leasing solutions in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Rent an office for a day, month or lease a suite for a year.  You can choose from a large luxurious executive office suite to a small efficient work station cubicle.  No matter what size office you rent, you will receive free receptionist use for your company.  Never miss a client with this service.  Rent a suite for your Wyoming business and have an all in one corporate stop in Wyoming.

Give Rose Garcia, the rental office manager, a call and she will answer all your questions about renting a full service Wyoming office rental.  She is always there with a smile and a fresh cup of coffee for you to enjoy. 

Wyoming Office Leasing

$175 to $600 a month

Free Receptionist Use

Meet & Greet Clients

Conference Room Rentals

Free with Lease or $25/hr

Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Why 17th & Central?

  • Business Phone & Number Issued
  • Free Fiber Optic Internet Service
  • Receptionist Use
  • Utilities Paid
  • Break Rooms
  • Rest Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • 24 Hour Access

Wyoming Virtual Office Service

Wyoming virtual office service is a way to rent a Wyoming office space without paying the rental fees for something you may not physically use.  The Cheyenne, Wyoming address that is used for virtual office rental is 109 E 17th Street, Cheyenne WY 82001.  You will be issued your own unique suite numbers.  We do not have PO Boxes at our location.  We only rent executive office suites at 17th & Central Executive Suites.  This is a virtual office that will stand out in the eyes of your potential clients.  There is a big difference between a small mail shop and a large office building for your Wyoming virtual office.

Bronze Level Virtual Office

The bronze level virtual office gives you the basics of having a registered office address in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  You will receive a prestigious office address in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The same streets where the big players in Wyoming government work, eat, and enjoy their lives.  A unique 4 digit number will be assigned with your address.  When people send mail for your corporations and limited liability companies, we sort it by the suite number you are given.  Mail is forwarded to your address outside of Wyoming once a week.  With a receptionist at the building, mail forwarded to your location, and address use, it will be just like renting a real office at the fraction of the price.

Silver Level Virtual Office

With the silver virtual office leasing, you get all the perks of bronze plus (307) phone service.  Not only do you get a (307) business phone line registered to our building, you get a free phone to use it with.  You are shipped a business VoIP phone for free.  Just plug it into broadband or faster internet and you are ready to go!  Make calls with your (307) phone number and receive calls too.  You can take it to any address you like with the proper internet connection.  Free unlimited minutes to the United States and Canada.  With your business phone, you will be in total control of your virtual office in Wyoming.  Get your Wyoming mail, make Wyomign phone calls, and enjoy your Wyoming nexus.

Gold Level Virtual Office

Gold level virtual office service provides the ultimate virtual office experience for your Wyoming business.  You receive the mail.  You receive the phone.  And you receive a live operator to answer your calls!  When your client calls your Wyoming business phone line, our employee gets the call.  They will answer the call with a greeting included your business name.  Upon your instructions, the call will be forwarded to a voicemail, sent to your phone number or a message can be taken.  Gold level virtual office will show a total office presence in Wyoming for your corporation or limited liability company.

Rent an Office for Your Wyoming Business

Rent an office in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We will take care of your mail and water your plants.  Rent an executive suite today!