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Order Company Domestication - Wyoming Registered Agent

Our Company Domestication product is a service offered by Wyoming Registered Agent to move your company from another state to Wyoming. This act of moving your company to Wyoming can be done for an out of state limited liability company or a corporation. You will be able to keep your original incorporation date from the state you are moving your company from.

If you are here then you already know the perks of moving your company to Wyoming. There is no corporate or personal income tax. You can have a one person corporation. There are no forced business taxes. The low fees, shareholder privacy, and much more are offered in Wyoming.

What You Get from Wyoming Registered Agent –

  • Required Paperwork Retrieval
  • Wyoming State Filing
  • Registered Agent Consent
  • Wyoming Registered Agent Service
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Online Management Account

Required Paperwork

In order for Wyoming Registered Agent to perform the domestication, we will need paperwork from your current state. If you do not have the required certified documents that are current, we will retrieve them from the appropriate agency in your state. Now that is service with value.

State Filing

The correct forms and paperwork from your state will have to be turned in to the Wyoming Secretary of State without any errors. We are happy to do all of this for you. We will make sure there are no time delays for your important filing. Do not trust an incorporation service that says to just mail it in. Our quality control experts will go over the application from front to back to check for any costly errors. Time is money after all.

Agent Consent Form

An agent consent form from a Wyoming registered agent is a requirement for the filing to go through without a hitch. We will sign the registered agent consent form and include it in your domestication paperwork. Your Wyoming domestication application will be denied without this document. Avoid any delays.

Year of Service

A full year of Wyoming registered agent service is included in the price for domestication. You will renew next year, the same time you renew your newly domesticated company in Wyoming. The service comes with free mail forwarding, every year.

Free Mail Forwarding

Free mail forwarding is used to keep your Wyoming company running smoothly. Use our address for a listed address and have your mail for the company sent to Wyoming. We will then forward it to you for viewing. Junk mail is not forwarded. You get 20 pieces of mail a year!

Online Account

The online account is what you will use to manage your domesticated company in Wyoming. You can pay a bill, change an address, see what mail is coming, and download many useful forms and templates. Your domestication paperwork will also be available to download at any time.

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