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Wyoming Business Guide - Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Business Guide

Follow this Wyoming business guide for a quick start guide to incorporating and renewing your corporation in Wyoming. This is Wyoming, our advise is free.

Common Steps in Wyoming Incorporation and Business Maintenance

  • Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation Name Choice
  • Wyoming Articles for Incorporation
  • WY Registered Agent
  • Company Addresses
  • Wyoming Business Filing
  • Wyoming Company Renewal
  • Company Changes by Filing
  • Closing Down the Company or Corporation

Wyoming Corporation Name

Wyoming corporation or llc name choice is an important step to incorporating your business.  Make sure you do a name search with the Wyoming Secretary of State before you file your company.  The name search is free to use online.  Before you start purchasing domain names and registering your company online, make sure you can get the name you want.  Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s will save you a bundle. If you have a question about a name choice and do not know if it will be do-able, feel free to call the Wyoming Secretary of State Business Filings division. They will be more than happy to help with your incorporation name questions. They are the experts.

Wyoming Articles

The Wyoming Articles of Incorporation for a corporation or the Wyoming Articles of Organization for a limited liability company are used to register a business in Wyoming.  There are a few basic articles that you must use when registering a business in Wyoming.  If you do not list the basic required information, the state will reject your business filing.  Be sure to follow the rules to avoid time delays.  See examples here.  Wyoming Registered Agent will draft the articles by paper or online for you when you incorporate in Wyoming through us.  We use the standard template and file online for speed and fast delivery.

Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming registered agent service is required to form a new Wyoming limited liability company, and corporations.  The registered agent will be the communications contact for the limited liability company or corp in the state of Wyoming.  The registered agent will accept any important legal documents on your entities behalf.  Hire Wyoming Registered Agent and we will file your company and we will provide a Wyoming address to use with free Wyoming mail forwarding.  The free Wyoming mail forwarding is good for the first 20 pieces of mail that your company receives, junk mail is not counted towards your total.

Registered Business Address

A mailing address and a principal office address must be listed on the Wyoming incorporation articles, there is no way around this requirement.  The addresses can be an address anywhere in the world, not just an address in Wyoming.  If you want to use our address to maintain your privacy, you can do that!  As stated above, you will receive free Wyoming mail forwarding.  20 pieces of mail forwarding will be sent for free by first class mail through the USPS.  Use the address on your website, company stationary, business cards, domain registrations, or any other business need.

Wyoming State Filing

To incorporate, your business must pay the Wyoming Secretary of State $100 to $102 for corporations and limited liability companies.  The fee is $100 when you file by paper with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office.  The fee is $102 when you file online with electronic company filing.  Wyoming Registered Agent charges $199 total for the first year of agent service, the $102 online filing fee, and free mail forwarding.  Registered agent service will be $99 a year for the following years. We charge you on the anneversary month of formation.  We encourage you to pay a month or two early to avoid any disruption in service at the state level.  You will have an option to include the annual renewal.

Annual Renewal

You must renew with the Wyoming Secretary of State every year for your limited liability company or corporation.  The minimum fee for the required annual report is $50, $52 if you pay the Wyoming annual report online.  The Wyoming annual report consists of a few financial questions about the Wyoming company.  Wyoming Registered Agent will be happy to file the annual report for you when you renew registered agent service every year.  If you have more than $250,000 in assets located in Wyoming, then the annual fee will go up in increments depending on the total of assests.


Changes can be made for your WY limited liability companies or Wyoming Corporations after you have filed them with the Wyoming Secretary of State’ office.  The only thing you can not change is the Incorporator or the Organizer.  Whoever is listed as one of these two formation titles will be listed on public record forever.  Some changes can be done for free, others require a state filing fee.  A common change would be a name change for the company.  A company name change cost $50 as an amendment through the Wyoming Secretary of State.  We will perform changes at cost for you.  A free charge for filing would be an address update or communication point update.

Ending Incorporation

If you want to close down your Wyoming company, file a dissolution for $50 to shut it down quickly.  If you do not renew, the state will administratively dissolve the LLC or Corporation.  It is better to pay a fee to shut it down to tie up all loose ends when closing down your business.

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