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Wyoming Secretary of State - Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Secretary of State

The Wyoming Secretary of State is located in the capitol city of Wyoming, Cheyenne.  The Wyoming Secretary of State can be called the keeper of records.  Many things require to be reported to the Secretary of State in Wyoming to be legal.  Many things are filed with the Secretary.  Businesses, stocks, elections and much more are examples.  Another thing that the WY SOS is the keeper of is the Great Seal of Wyoming.  There are five divisions that make up the Wyoming Secretary of State office.  We will explore the business division below.

Wyoming Secretary of State

The business division of the Wyoming Secretary of State handles business filings such as an LLC.  Did you know that Wyoming was the first state to offer the Wyoming LLC?  Neat!  Other business filings they handle are Wyoming Corporations, Wyoming Trusts, Wyoming Partnerships, Wyoming Non Profit Corporations and more.  Trademarks and trade names are handled by the business division.  You may have heard of some famous trademarks like Coke, Reebok or COWBOY DRAW.  See an example of a trademark here.

Online has been offered by the Wyoming Secretary of State since 2016.  Wyoming was the last state in the union to offer online filing for an LLC or Corporation.  You can now have a Wyoming Limited Liability Company or Corp in minutes.

Steps in Filing Wyoming Companies Online:

  1. Go here to form or register a new Wyoming business:
  2. Select LLC, Corporation or Non Profit Corporation.
  3. Fill out all the necessary information.
  4. Pay with a debit or credit card.
  5. Download your new Wyoming business PDF.

Free Business Forms

The Wyoming Secretary of State offers a free PDF of the Wyoming Articles of Organization.  You will need to submit one signed copy of the articles and one signed copy of the Wyoming registered agent consent form.

Free PDF at the WY SoS state website:


Wyoming LLC amendment filing is done to change one of the Articles of Organization.  You will file an amendment to change the name of the LLC.  This will be an amendment to article 1 of the Wyoming LLC.  You can also add articles.

Free Wyoming LLC Amendment Form:


Wyoming Dissolution filing is done to close down a Wyoming LLC company.  A signed copy and a $50 payment is required by the Wyoming Secretary of State.  File this document before the Wyoming annual report to close down the LLC quickly.

Free Wyoming Dissolution Form:


The Wyoming Articles of Incorporation require a few standard articles.  You can file your own custom WY Articles of Incorporation if you wish.  The standard articles are free from the WY SoS.

Free Wyoming Articles of Incorporation:


To file an amendment to a corporation in Wyoming, you will need 2 things.  A payment to the WY Secretary of State of $50 and the signed amendment form for the Wyoming Corporation.

Get the free form here:


Wyoming Corporation dissolution can be filed in a matter of 3 days by the Wyo Secretary of State.  The dissolution or closing of the Wyoming Corporation can be accomplished with a $50 check to the Wyoming SoS and the signed paperwork.

Free WY Corporation Dissolution PDF:


Wyoming Annual Report filing is done 1 year after you file your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation.  The minimum fee to renew with the Wyoming Secretary of State for one of these Wyoming entities is $50.  Wyoming Registered Agent will file the Wyoming Annual Report for you when you renew your Wyoming registered agent service.

File your Wyoming annual report online:

Annual Report Worksheet:


You are able to update your address, email and phone number at anytime for your Wyoming LLCs and Corporations.  You can even email the form to have the state update your company.

Free Update Form:

Wyoming Secretary of State LLC or Corporation Name Search

You can perform a Wyoming corporation name search for free on the Wyoming Secretary of State website.  Search the database to learn about a certain company or search for a name that you want to file for a new Wyoming company.  If the name does not show up then it is more than likely available.  Make sure you search by starts with and also search a second time with the contains option.  You can not file an LLC with a Corporation with the same name and vice versa.

Non-distinguishable words include:  “A”, “The”, “And”, “&”, Punctuation, Plural forms of words, Company designators such as “LLC”, “Inc.”, “Company”, “Co” etc.

If you are not completely sure about a corporate filing.  Feel free to contact the Wyoming Secretary of State’s business division or we can do it for you!

Wyoming Name Search:

Learn About Wyoming Incorporation

The Wyoming Secretary of State has created a booklet on Wyoming incorporation.  The publication outlines the different kinds of Wyoming business structures.  If you are deciding on what kind of company to order, this is a good place to start.