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Wyoming Business Resources

Wyoming business doesn’t end at company formation.  There are many other steps to take for certain Wyoming LLC or Corporation holders.  Depending on what your needs are in a Wyoming company, you may have to register with some other agencies concerning Wyoming business.  Read over the following subjects for a jump start on your search on corporate management.  This is a beginers guide.  You may have more complex situations to address.  In those cases, please consult an accountant or financial planner for the best advise for you.

Wyoming EIN

Wyoming EIN filing is done if you need to open a business bank account for your Wyoming company or if you need to pay employees.  A Wyoming EIN, or Wyoming FEIN as it is also known as, does not cost anything to obtain.  You can pay a filing service to apply for the EIN your behalf or you can do it yourself.  The process is fairly simple.  You can even use our registered Wyoming address on the online application.  How is this possible?  When Wyoming Registered Agent files your Wyoming LLCs and Corporations, we use our address in Wyoming for the Principal Office and the Mailing Address.  This will be the legal address for your Wyoming business.  Applying for and receiving your Wyoming EIN is quick and easy.  It takes just a few steps online and then you will receive a PDF of the Wyoming FEIN.  If you want an original WY EIN sent by letter in the mail, it will take about 6 weeks.  The electronic version comes in seconds!  Getting a Federal Employer Identification Number could not be easier.  Follow our handy little guide to get going on your EIN project.

Instructions on EIN Filing

Wyoming Bank Account

There are arguments on either side if you should open a business bank account for your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation in the state of Wyoming.  When you open a Wyoming bank account for your WY company, you must list the monies located at the bank on your annual report.  This could increase the fee you pay the Wyoming Secretary of State.  When you open a bank account outside of Wyoming, you break up your Wyoming business nexus.  Whatever you decide is best for your corporate situation, you have a few options.

Option 1. You can find a bank that will open an account online like Bank of America or Wells Fargo.  They sometimes give you an option of opening a “Wyoming” bank account.

Option 2. Some banks allow you to open a Wyoming business bank account if they have a local branch near you.  Have the Wyoming branch send your local branch the paperwork to sign for a Wyoming bank account.

Option 3. A third option is using an online brokerage account like ameritrade or etrade.  This is an option for few.

Option 4. Go with an independent online bank.  It is not clear if you can open a Wyoming account, but an online account is certainly obtainable. https://www.smallbusinessbank.com/

Whichever way you choose to manage the money for your limited liability company or corporation in Wyoming, be aware that you can not hide your money from the federal governemnt.  Pay your taxes and stay out of trouble, stay free.

Wyoming IRS

The IRS or The Internal Revenue Service, is a government agency that collects taxes and distributes refunds to citizens, foreigners and corporations.  You must report your earnings to the IRS for your Wyoming corporation.  A Wyoming limited liability company will not be taxed.  The profits for a WY limited liability company will be taxed on the profit holders individual yearly federal tax return.  Remember, there is no state income tax in Wyoming!  Enjoy the freedom of no state taxes with a Wyoming corporation or limited liability company.

Wyoming Business Resources IRS

Wyoming IRS Location – 5353 Yellowstone Rd # 206A, Cheyenne, WY 82009

Wyoming EIN (Wyoming Federal Employer Identification Number) Online – https://sa.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp

ITIN (Non Citizens) – https://www.irs.gov/individuals/how-do-i-apply-for-an-itin

Wyoming Department of Revenue

“The Agency’s mission is the administration and collection of mineral and excise taxes as well as the valuation of property and the wholesale distribution of alcohol beverages and enforcement of liquor control laws for the ultimate benefit of all Wyoming citizens.  The Agency envisions a customer oriented, streamlined agency that minimizes regulatory burdens and maximizes compliance with applicable laws.”

Wyoming Department of Revenue Location – 122 W 25th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Wyoming Department of Revenue Online – http://revenue.wyo.gov/home/contact-information

Wyoming Secretary of State

The Wyoming Secretary of State serves as the State’s Chief Elections Officer, Securities Commissioner, Corporations Administrator, Notaries Public Commissioner and in the capacity of Lieutenant Governor.  The business division is responsible for your Wyoming LLC and Wyoming Corporation filings.  This is the place to start for Wyoming business.

Wyoming Business Resources WY SoS

Online Wyoming Company Filing – https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/RegistrationInstr.aspx

File a new Wyoming LLC (Limited Liability Company) with the Secretary of State on your own.  Proceed with this option if have purchased registered agent service a la carte and you are going to do it yourself.  Why not let us file it for you without paying an incorporation charge? Just pay the registered agent fee and we will do the rest for you. How easy is that?

Wyoming LLC or Corporation Search – https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch.aspx

Search for Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming Corporations with this free state tool for their online database.  If you cannot find a name you want, it is more than likely available for corporate registration in Wyoming.  If there is even a small doubt in your mind about the name you are researching, please call the filing office of the Wyoming Secretary of State. They will have all the right answers and will be more than wiling and able to help you.

Wyoming Corporate Forms – http://soswy.state.wy.us/Forms/Default.aspx?root=Business

There is a complete library of forms needed to incorporate or manage your Wyoming company.  All are free courtesy of the Wyoming Secretary of State’s business division.  Download the free editable forms at any time.