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Wyoming LLC Filing

Wyoming LLC filing formation for your new business is as easy as 1-2-3 with Wyoming Registered Agent’s incorporation formation service.  First, you need to place an order for an LLC with our Wyoming registration specialists.  Second, we will file your L.L.C. with Wyoming registered agent service through the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Business Division office online.  Third, we will email you the completed filed Wyoming LLC order.  With online filing, as WY registered agents, we can have your Limited Liability Company to you in MINUTES!  No more waiting days for a Wyoming LLC.  Forming LLCs could not be easier in Wyoming.  Not only is it easy, but with privacy and low costs…it’s the smartest of any 50 state incorporation option you will choose.


Wyoming LLC Formation Includes

  1. The Filed Articles of Organization – You can not file a Wyoming LLC without submitting the Articles of Organization.  The state will stamp the filing and place a filing ID sticker on the first page, this is not the FEIN aka EIN (Employer Identification Number).
  2. The Filed Certificate of Organization – Once the Wyoming Secretary of State has filed the Articles of Organization for Wyoming, they issue a Certificate of Organization.  This document is free and comes with the filed articles back to you by paper or you download it when filing electronically online.
  3. Organizer Signature for the Articles of Organization – You must provide an Organizer when filing the Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization.  This is the person that is putting together the paperwork for an L.L.C. and filing it.  They are organizing the WY LLC.  We list our information
  4. Wyoming Registered Agent Address Use – You must list an address of a WY registered agent in Wyoming on the formation paperwork for filing a new WY L.L.C. in WY.  This can not be a PO Box and the address must be accessible to serve any SOP’s.  You can use our address in Wyoming.



What is an LLC?

Wyoming Limited Liability Company aka Wyoming LLC

Wyoming LLC

Wyoming Secretary of State


“In 1977 a piece of special legislation was passed creating a unique entity called the Wyoming Limited Liability Company. It provides protection from personal liability like a corporation and receives the tax treatment of a limited partnership without limitation on citizenship of members or numbers of members. No general partner is liable for all debts of the enterprise. Each member of a limited liability company enjoys liability limited to the extent of their investment in the program and pays tax individually in proportion to ownership thus avoiding the corporate malady of double taxation.”

Read more on the state provided pamphlet:

https://soswy.state.wy.us/Forms/Publications/ChoiceIsYours.pdf  There is information on different types of entities in Wyoming and which is the best choice for you, because the “The Choice is Yours”!  Learn about Wyoming Corporations, Wyoming Limited Partnerships, Wyoming LLCs, Wyoming Non Profits and more for free from the Wyoming Secretary of State.  You can’t get a much better source than that.

Wyoming LLC Information

Wyoming LLC Calendar Compliance

In order to keep your Wyoming LLC active with the Wyoming Secretary of State, you must file an annual report every year for the Wyoming Limited Liability Company.  Your registered agent will notify you in advance when your Wyoming annual report is due by email or perhaps snail mail.  Never miss an important deadline again.  If you do not maintain a registered agent in Wyoming for your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation, the company will be shut down due to a No Agent status.  Do not rely on an agent without a notification system.  The only way to keep your Wyoming Limited Liability Company open every year is to file the required Wyoming annual report.  This may sound intimidating, but it is just a series of financial questions.  How much money, land, building supplies do you have in Wyoming.  What debts and loans have you taken or given out.  The minimum fee from the state is $50 to file the annual report.  If you miss the annual report, your Wyoming Limited Liability company will be administratively dissolved on the state level and there will be fees to reinstate the company.  As your agent, Wyoming Registered AGent will make sure you get your renewal notice every year.  We notify by email and by mail.


Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization

Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization is a document used to file for a new Wyoming LLC.  You can add as many additional articles that you desire, but there always must be a certain few according to the Wyoming State Statutes on an LLC.  You must list the following in your Wyoming Articles of Organization:

  1. The Name of the Wyoming LLC being formed.
  2. The Registered Agent and Registered Agent Address.
  3. The Mailing Address for the Wyoming LLC.
  4. The Principal Office for the Wyoming LLC.
  5. The Organizer and Contact Information for the Wyoming LLC.


The Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization can be filed online or by paper.  When you file the WY LLC Articles of Organization online, it takes about 10 minutes to complete.  When you file the LLC by paper, it takes about a week in time to complete the process.  Wyoming Registered Agent will file your L.L.C. in minutes during normal business hours.


LLC Name

The name must include the words “Limited Liability Company,” or its abbreviations “LLC,” “L.L.C.,” “Limited Company,” “LC,” “L.C.,” “Ltd. Liability Company,” “Ltd. Liability Co.,” or “Limited Liability Co.”  If the LLC does not have one of these variations on the end of it, the state will reject the filing.  On the other hand, a Wyoming Corporation does not need an indicator at the end of the business name such as Inc or Corp.

For example, “Barry’s Bagels and Drinks, LLC” would be compliant for an LLC name.  “Barry’s Bagels and Drinks” would not be accepted because there is not an LLC, L.L.C., LC or other ending.  The entity must be recognized as an LLC with the indicator, such as “Barry’s Bagels and Drinks a Limited Liability Company” or “Barry’s Bagels and Drinks LC”.

You can do a search for an LLC name in Wyoming for free.  Even you do not find the name you want to use, do not assume it is available to file.  Don’t be bashful, call the Wyoming Secretary of State business division and ask them to double check for you.

Registered Agent

The registered agent for Wyoming LLCs must be located in Wyoming to accept any process of service or other legal documents at their legal registered office address.  The registered agent for an LLC can not be located at a PO Box.  A registered agent can make or break your ease of doing business in Wyoming.  Choose wisely.  If a Wyoming registered agent representing your Wyoming Limited Liability Company does not do their job correctly that you hired a Wyoming registered agent for…you may never get important documents and may lose court cases against you.  Hire us to do the job correctly.

Wyoming Registered Agent offers registered agent service for Wyoming LLCs for a fair price.  As Wyoming registered agent service providers since 2003, we like to think we are doing something right.  Thousands of clients can’t be wrong.


Mailing Address

The mailing address listed for an LLC in Wyoming can be at any location.  The address does not have to be in Wyoming.  This is a common misconception for people forming an LLC for the first time.  Most people use the Wyoming registered agent address to stay private in the public eye.  Anyone can look up a Wyoming LLC and see the addresses and Organizer for the L.L.C. at the Wyoming Secretary of State business database.  Unless you want to show your address associated with the WY Limited Liability Co., an agent can customize it to your needs.  With address use comes mail.  Free Wyoming mail forwarding is what you need if you want to stay private with a Wyoming address.  You do not want to end up paying a hefty fee for mail forwarding up-sells.  Do not fall for the gimmicks out there concerning mail forwarding from Wyoming.

A Wyoming address is not limited to LLC filing privacy.  Use your new Wyoming address to list your company name and address on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other online directories.  Use the address when purchasing domain names and have to fill out a public registrar that can be seen by anyone through a WHOIS search.  Letterhead, business cards, websites are all good places to list your new Wyoming LLC address rather than your own personal home address.


Wyoming LLC Filing Organizer

The Organizer of an L.L.C. in Wyoming is the party that puts together the Articles of Organization, signs the paperwork and submits it to the Wyoming Secretary of State for processing.  A registered agent will use their Wyoming Registered Agent name to keep you private and show a professional appearance online.  The way you prove that the Wyoming LLC is yours is through corporate resolutions.  These are not filed with the state and are passed on to you internally in many cases.  The resolutions will appoint a manager, authorize the opening of a business account in the LLC name at a bank and show acceptance of power.  All of this is covered in our price of only $199 for a new Wyoming LLC.

Wyoming LLC Advantages

There is less paperwork required to keep an LLC current.  Formal requirements of board of director meetings, shareholder meetings are not required for Wyoming LLCs.  Every year you are required to file an annual report, you can elect to have us file it for you.  It is a simple list of financial questions about the Limited Liability Company established in Wyoming.  You are not required to file a list of managers and members for the LLC.

Wyoming does not force you to register your business with the State and pay a fee simply to be a business in Wyoming.  Nevada recently shocked the registered agent and incorporation community by requiring a business registration tax of $100, after paying hundreds more to form your corporation.

The officers and directors of a Wyoming corporation are protected by statute and case law from the debts and actions of the corporation.  The charging order protection is as good as any LLC.  In fact, Wyoming was the first state in the US to offer an LLC.  Limited liability is the core of the LLC.  To keep your personal assets separate from your business assets.

In broad terms, Wyoming does not share taxpayer information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Some states like Nevada require some sort of social security number registration for some of their products.  You are not going to find that behavior in Wyoming.  We like to be free from control.  Register a Wyoming LLC without ssn requirements in Wyoming.

Annual reports require the name of only one person and report only the assets located in Wyoming.  For example, if we file the annual report for you as the authorized agent, our name will show up on the public record.  The filed annual report is available through PDF download for the whole world to see.  Keep your privacy and remain anonymous with a Wyoming LLC.

The Wyoming state filing fee is only $100; the annual report fee is $50.  There are no “hidden fees” for registering Managers or changing your address, as might happen with other States such as Nevada.  If you file Wyoming LLCs or Wyoming Corporations online there is an extra charge.  A big $2!  Wyoming is truly a business friendly state.

Wyoming does not have the bureaucratic regulations of many states.  A Wyoming L.L.C. is so easy to start and maintain.  File basic information for the L.L.C. and pay the state a required filing fee of $100.  The next year, you will file an annual report and pay the state a $50 fee, more if you have a large amount of assets located within the borders of Wyoming.

One person is all you need to create and manage a Wyoming LLC. Single-member LLCs are disregarded entities by the IRS because profits and losses are passed directly onto the sole Member’s federal tax return (eg., Form 1040). Though they are allowed, keep in mind that LLCs are intended to function as a partnership and some corporate protections have been successfully challenged in courts for single-member LLCs.