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What Are LLC Resolutions?

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 09 in Wyoming LLC.

You are studying up on llc filing from incorporation companies and you always see the mention of llc resolutions. So what are limited liability company resolutions? Do not take things lightly and know what you are signing. The fine details could ruin you.

An llc resolution is a document that is issued right after a company has been filed or sometime during the limited liability company’s lifespan. The resolution will confirm an action made by an llc representative.

When you first file a company, a filing service will give you an internal resolution naming you the owner of the llc. If you point a manager to the llc at some point in the future, you will create a resolution saying so and sign it. Be sure both parties of the agreement sign the resolution or the paperwork may not be legal. It is also a good idea to have both signatures notarized.

LLC resolutions are internal and not filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The rules for individual resolutions are lax.

LLC Resolutions with Wyoming Registered Agent

All company formations come with free llc resolutions from Wyoming Registered Agent. You will receive three resolutions to complete your llc formation package.

Resignation of Organizer

The resignation of organizer resolution is issued to the new owner of the limited liability company. When an llc is formed by our specialists, only our information will be shown on public record. Show this resolution to anyone who wants to know who owns the llc.

Appointment of Manager

The appointment of manager llc resolution will name the manager that you want to control the llc. This resolution is internal. Show this resolution to anyone that wants to know who really owns the llc.

Acceptance of Manager

Sign this resolution to show that you accept the position of being a manager.

Get started now and receive your llc resolutions with llc formation for $199 total.

Angelica Espinoza