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Unnecessary Incorporation Items and Bogus Fees

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 07 in Uncategorized.

The steam flows out of our ears when we hear people tell us about how they were ripped off elsewhere for incorporation services. We hate unnecessary incorporation items and bogus fees.

Heed our warnings about these crap practices. Give our two minute post a read to empower yourself with the knowledge to defeat bogus dupes.

Name Availability Fee

Do not get fooled by this little trick. A company will do you a “favor” by researching a name to see if it is available to file. Bogus alert! It takes a mere ten seconds to do an online search for a name. The convenience fee is more like a chump tax.

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping, oh how wonderful! You can get your filing in a day. Well, all 50 states offer online filing services. A good company will simply file the company online and email it to you or have it waiting in your online account to download it. This takes seconds, not days.

Strong Armed Agents

Read the fine print people. Do not get tricked into having someone charge you when you don’t want their service anymore. Some of these tactics with the fine print are more nefarious than the Irish mafia.

Free Trials

Free trials are bad. Free trials lead to lost time. Lost time leads to forgotten due dates. Unwanted charges lead to money loss. Money loss leads to suffering. If you need something, just commit to the right service. The trial always gets you in the end. Ouch.

Business Molding

Order a company they say. Include a website, logo, and program rentals they say. These are nothing but steep charge ups. The services are usually provided by other companies you can find on your own with an internet search. Skip the markups and do it yourself!

Rush Processing

Rush processing is for suckers. They charge a few extra bucks to do something you already paid them to do, just faster. Oh brother, what a scam. As stated above, company formation can take place online. No need for printing documents, signing them, taking them to the processing agency, or mailing the papers. This is a rush processing society. The best company will rush it for free. Be careful of your choices.

Wyoming Prices, Wyoming Service

Skip the bullcrap and get the good stuff with Wyoming Registered Agent. We will give you a fair price with excellent service. From us, satisfaction is guaranteed. See our services for yourself.

Angelica Espinoza