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Order Nominee Officers - Wyoming Registered Agent

Nominee Officer service offered by Wyoming Registered Agent will give you an enhanced level of privacy protection with your Wyoming limited liability company or the Wyoming corporation that you own. Keeping your name off of public record for a company is one of the main reasons folks flock to Wyoming for incorporation. Make sure your privacy is doubled locked with our service.

What You Get with Nominee Officers –

  • Privacy Protection
  • Local Representative
  • Quality Assurance

Privacy Protection

You are guaranteed to stay off the public record at the Wyoming Secretary of State with our nominee service.

Local Representation

Your nominee manager or nominee officer will be a local employee, not a mystery person outside of the company.

Quality Control

All orders are checked and doubled checked to make sure that your name does not appear on any WY state filed documents.

Nominee Level Choices

You can either choose to have a public record nominee that only keeps your name off of the Wyoming Secretary of State corporation database, or you can choose the full-service nominee.

With the full-service nominee officer for your Wyoming company, you will get up to 20 signatures a year to use on contracts, agreements, letters, and other business documents.

To order nominee services through Wyoming Registered Agent, call us at (307)637-5151.