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Items to Put in an LLC Operating Agreement

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 09 in Uncategorized.

Items to put in an llc operating agreement for a Wyoming limited liability company can vary from topic to topic. Since this is an internal document, meaning you do not have to file it with the state, you are in complete control of the verbiage in the WY LLC operating agreement.

Let us give you a few examples of what you may want to include in the document. Remember to have all members sign the llc operating agreement and get the signatures notarized. You can never be too careful.

Some Points to Include –

  • Name of the limited liability company
  • Percentage of ownership belongs to who
  • Business management task delegation
  • Argument resolution for problem decisions
  • Contributions made to the llc
  • How payouts are handled

Name of the LLC

The name of the Wyoming limited liability company, the registered agent, and the addresses used should all be listed in the document.

Ownership Percentages

To prove who owns what and how much they will get paid should be provided by listing ownership percentages of the llc members.


Who will run the company that was formed in Wyoming? Will it be an employee or managing member of the llc? These questions should be addressed.

Problem Resolutions

If there is going to be a problem, your gonna wanna solve it. Check out this section of your operating agreement to see what happens when there is a problem. The rules will govern the outcome.


How much money did each member contribute to the llc to start it up? Which members gave cash and which provided services for the llc.


When is the payout schedule to the members of the LLC. Will a check be issued every month, quarterly, yearly, or another arrangement?

These are just a few examples, please include every subject needed for your llc.

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Angelica Espinoza