Good Standing

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 10 in Wyoming Business.

You may hear the term good standing when it comes to a Wyoming limited liability company, and even a corporation filed in Wyoming. The term good standing refers to the legal status of the company with the Wyoming Secretary of State. If the taxes and fees are paid, it is in good standing.

If you are not in good standing, you have not paid your renewal fees with the Wyoming Secretary of State or you do not have an active registered agent on file with the state. This makes you look bad concerning your business and it will end up in a dissolution, plus fines.

Who is looking at this status of your Wyoming company? Banks, potential clients, business partners, the Wyoming Secretary of State, and others that you are doing business with through contracts and applications.

Good Standing Protection

Make sure your company is always in good standing by hiring a registered agent like Wyoming Registered Agent. With WY registered agent service from our service, you will be at ease over your good standing worries.

How does having registered agent service with Wyoming Registered Agent help with good standing? We always make sure to give you multiple notices when you have an annual report due. If you do not pay your registered agent fee to us, we will not just dump you on state record. We will reach out to you multiple times to take care of the lapse.

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