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Change Wyoming Registered Agent | Free Mail Forwarding

Change Wyoming Registered Agent

Change Wyoming registered agent service to a reliable registered agent in Wyoming that you can trust.  Wyoming Registered Agent has an A+ rating with the BBB.  Being in business since 2003, we understand what our clients need concerning Wyoming incorporation.  Many of our clients that change registered agents in Wyoming complain how their previous agent made their name public, lost important corporate mail and other blunders.  Those aren’t the only problems that come up with bad registered agents.  We hear horror stories of contracts with steep renewal fees, nickle and dime fees for mail processing and phone calls do not get answered by small time registered agents.  We are always happy to take your call and help you reach 100% satisfaction with our Wyo registered agent services for Wyoming.

Switch Wyoming registered agent to a real WY registered agent and you will be treated like a first class citizen, not a mongoloid.  Making the change to Wyoming Registered Agent comes with a plethora of perks.  You can’t find these services and freebies with other registration agents in Wyoming.  By changing your agent to us, you could save thousands of dollars for your Wyoming LLCs or Corporations over their lifetimes. Our fee is lower than a lot of legitimate registered agents that do business in Wyoming. With the free mail forwarding alone, you are saving a bundle. Don’t waste another dollar of your hard earned money on a registered agent that just does not cater to your business needs in Wyoming. Change Wyoming registered agent to the most respected registered agent in the Wyoming resident agent industry. Change registered agents to Wyoming Registered Agent in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We offer Wyoming incorporation services at Wyoming prices.  Read more about all the perks of being a client of Wyoming Registered Agent.  Change Wyoming registered agent service now to get all the benefits.

Your New Wyoming Corporate Headquarters

Change Wyoming Registered Agent

Change registered agents to us for these corporate perks:

  • Free Wyoming Mail Forwarding
  • Full Time Support
  • Wyoming Filings at Cost
  • Registered Office Address Use
  • Free Forms & Templates
  • Multiple Entity Filing Services

Change Wyoming Registered Agent | Free Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Change your registered agent to Wyoming Registered Agent and receive free mail forwarding from Wyoming to your address anywhere in the world.  Corporate Wyoming mail is forwarded once a week to any location in the United States.  Wyoming business mail is sent once a month if you want the WY mail forwarded to an address outside of the United States. Either way, the Wyoming mail for your WY LLCs and WY Corporations is sent for free via USPS first class mail. You will not be asked to pay a ridiculous postage deposit for corporate mail that might not even come in. Pay the yearly registered agent fee of $99 and you will always receive the 20 pieces of mail forwarding to your address every year.

After you change Wyoming registered agents, you will be given permission to use our registered office address in Wyoming for mailing purposes. Give out your new Wyoming business address and list it on registries across the world wide web. Have your new address printed on your official company business cards, letterhead and other important business documents and corporate contracts. You can use the Wyoming address for your Wyoming company to obtain a Wyoming FEIN aka Wyoming EIN as well. After mail starts to come in, we notify you by email with an envelope face scan. The mail is bundled and sent to you for free once a week. If any packages come in, you will be notified by invoice through email. The invoice will only be a shipping cost. We do not charge a handling fee for your Wyoming packages. If FedEx charges us $15 to ship a particular business package, we will charge you $15. Our corporate mail forwarding service is not aimed at duping people into paying microtransactions to keep your service going.

Full Time Support

You may think that support is not a big deal when it comes to registered agent service. Or maybe now that you are looking to change registered agents, you realize it is a huge deal when dealing with a registered agent for your Wyoming corporate needs. You may need to beat a deadline and have your registered agent complete an important filing. You might have an urgent question from your bank. With little registered agents without the proper man power, you may be waiting days or even weeks before you get a response. Waiting for that big check and asked your registered agent to look out for it? With Wyoming Registered Agent, we will agree and actually do your requests.

Call or email us and we will be there for your Wyoming company and for you. We are actually in Cheyenne, Wyoming…not some call center. When you call, we answer right away. When you email, we respond with lightning speed. Our phone numbers and emails are publicly posted. You will find some WY registered agents are just shell companies set up to sell another registered agents service. We find no ethical business in that practice. These companies do not have a phone listed, they do not have a business email and when you ask who signs the registered agent paperwork…they respond with a “buy now and find out later” kind of answer. Get the excellent support that you need from a Wyoming registered agent. Do not settle for less. Change Wyoming registered agent service to Wyoming Registered Agent and get the full time support experience.

With a local (307) phone number, a toll free business line, an info email and a support email…we are practically begging you to get in touch with us. We love our clients and our phone attitude shows it!

Wyoming Filings at Cost

Another fantastic perk of changing registered agents to Wyoming Registered Agent is filings at cost. Of coarse their is no filing fee to change registered agents in Wyoming. The Wyoming Secretary of State allows any company or corporation in Wyoming to change their WY registered agent, as long as the WY entity is in good standing.  Change Wyoming registered agent at no cost.

Wyoming Registered Agent will file various documents with the WY Secretary of State’s business division on your behalf. If you need a name change for your WY Limited Liability Company or Corporation, Wyoming Registered Agent will file it for you. All you need to do is pay the state filing fee for an amendment. We do not try to dupe you into paying special registered agent filing fees. Need an amendment filed? No problem. Need a dissolution? We are there. Just pay the state required fee for Wyoming.

Registered Office Address Use

You can use our registered office address in Cheyenne, Wyoming for your Wyoming corporations.  Wyoming Registered Agent is located at 1621 Central Ave, Cheyenne WY 82001.  This is the official address in Wyoming that we use to incorporate LLCs and INCs.  There is no need for us to hide behind other addresses such as UPS™ stores and quaint undercover box shops in rural cities.  When you purchase registered agent service, you will receive the official address advertised on our website.  That address can be used on your incorporation documents.  You can list that address with Google™ online, domain registries and other places where you want to list your Wyoming business but don’t want to list your home address.

When searching other Wyoming registered agents for changing registered agents in Wyoming, make sure you ask for their address.  If they change your company to any other address than the one they mention, you better run for the hills.

Free Forms and Templates

Hiring Wyoming Registered Agent to be your next registered agent also means you get access to the corporate vault of forms and templates.  Not only does the registered agent service come with free mail forwarding, the agent service for Wyoming businesses comes with an extensive library of corporate templates and business forms you may need in the future.

Run your business with simplicity with our free forms:


Amendments – Assessments – Authority to Borrow – Banking – Bankruptcy – Bonds – Buy-Sell Agreement – Bylaws

Calls for Payment – Charitable Contributions – Claims, Suits and Settlements – Committees

Compensation – Contracts – Deeds – Director Meetings – Dissolution – Dividends – Employees – Guaranty of Obligations

Indentures – LLCs-  Leases – Limited Partnerships – Loans – Management/Benefits – Mergers – Misc

Organizational Meeting – Pay Interest – Proxies – Purchase Sale of Assets – Ratification – Recapitalization

Redemption of Bond – Reorganization – Sale of Assets – Sale of Stock – Securities – Stock Options

Stock Purchase Warrants – Stock Subscriptions – Stockholder Meetings – Transfer of Stock – Trusts



Multiple Entity Filing Services

We do not just file Limited Liability Companies and Corporations in Wyoming.  Some registered agents only offer the basics because that is where the quick buck is.  Our resident agent service offers filing service for all Wyoming entity types, except trusts.  Our fee is the same across the board for all types of Wyoming entities.  We charge $99 a year for registered agent service and free mail forwarding.  The rest of the fee goes to the Wyoming Secretary of State for filing fee costs.  Change Wyoming registered agent or start a new Wyoming company today!

Wyoming LLC $199 – Our registration specialist will form your LLCs with precision.  Your new Wyoming LLC will be filed online within hours.  You will receive the Articles of Organization, the Certificate of Organization, the Registered Agent consent form, 20 pieces of first class mail forwarding and registered address use.

Wyoming Corporation $199 – Our registration specialist will form your Corporations with precision.  Your new Wyoming INC will be filed online within hours.  You will receive the Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation, the Registered Agent consent form, 20 pieces of first class mail forwarding and registered address use.

Wyoming Non Profit $124 – The not for profit corporation will be filed with Wyoming.  You will need to classify it as a charity through the IRS on your own and pay their separate fees.

Wyoming Limited Partnership $199 – We will get you the Certificate of Partnership document.  You will need to figure out the amount of cash and a description and statement of the agreed value of the other property or services
contributed or to be contributed in the future.  20 pieces of mail forwarding is included for free.

Wyoming Close Corp $199 – Our specialist will form your Close Corporations with precision.  Your new Wyoming Close INC will be filed online within hours.  You will receive the Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation, the Registered Agent consent form, 20 pieces of first class mail forwarding and registered address use.

Wyoming Close LLC $199 – Your new Wyoming Close LLC will be filed online within hours.  You will receive the Articles of Organization, the Certificate of Organization, the Registered Agent consent form, 20 pieces of first class mail forwarding and registered address use.


How to Change Agents

How to Change Wyoming Registered Agent

You may need to know how to change Wyoming registered agents.  The process of registered agent change is pretty simple.  Wyoming Registered Agent can have the change wyoming registered agent documentation to the Wyoming Secretary of State within 1 business day.  You can also submit the form through the mail if that is what you need.


Step 1. Order registered agent service.


Step 2. We will mail you the signed registered agent consent form to go along with your filing.  If you want us to sign and file the forms for you, please contact us.


Step 3. The change Wyoming registered agent form will be turned into the state by us, your new registered agent, or by yourself.


Step 4. The Wyoming Secretary of State will make the change in about 3 business days.  You will be able to see the change online.


After you place your order for registered agent service in Wyoming, our friendly support specialist will create your online account.  The information for the account will be emailed to you upon completion of the set up.  You will have instant access to our many forms, the ability to change your personal account information, the ability to download your filings done through Wyoming Registered Agent and you will be able to pay and view past invoices.  You are halfway to changing to a better Wyoming registered agent.  Order now and you will be happy you did.  If not, we will do everything in our power to get you 100% satisfaction.