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Wyoming vs Nevada Incorporation | Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming vs Nevada Corporations and LLCs

While Nevada corporations are the subject of dozens of books, savvy investors are using Wyoming corporations because of key similarities with Nevada, without the “Nevada stigma”.

Wyoming is one of the most business-friendly climates in America.  Compared to Nevada, Wyoming is the perfect destination for incorporation services.

Wyoming Does Not Require A Social Security Number (SSN)

Starting June 01, 2005, Nevada now requires the names, addresses, date of birth and social security numbers of all the shareholders of their corporations or LLCs.  That is not a climate of privacy that you want to be in.  Wyoming has never asked for the social security numbers of the owners of any limited liability companies or corporations.

Wyoming Maintains Low Fees

Wyoming charges about 40% less than Nevada when setting up any company (LLC, S- or C-corporation). There are also no “hidden fees” to be paid to the state for filing officer lists.  At only $100 for a limited liability company or corporation, you can afford to put money in your business.

No Nevada Stigma

While Nevada companies are often the choice of fraudsters, con men, and worse, the State of Wyoming has kept a clean image by investigating fraud and stamping it out.  Wyoming is the best in show when it comes to privacy and they enforce it by keeping the states corporation pool clean.

3-5 Day Filing Time

Once a filing is submitted, it takes no more than 5 business days to be returned. There are no “expedite” fees in Wyoming.  That is when you file by paper in person or by mail.  Now you can file a Wyoming company online in a matter of minutes.  Certain company types will be required to be turned in by paper.  Fortunately, the limited liability company and corporation can be filed online 24/7!

No Business License Required

There is no business license required to do business in Wyoming. Nevada requires that State and sometimes local business licenses be maintained at additional expense.  Save money and enjoy less regulation by forming a Wyoming company instead of a Nevada company.

No Burdensome Regulations

Wyoming is an easy place to do business, without the inspectors and government agents constantly watching over your shoulder.  Run a tight and clean ship, and you will most likely never be asked one question during the lifespan of your Wyoming company.

Low Cost Commercial Space and Real Estate

Office space in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming is as low as $160 per month. In 2013, houses in town and in rural settings are as low as $30,000.  You can really find a profitable deal in the cowboy state.  Invest in your future and buy property or rent a low priced office in Cheyenne.

Geographically Strategic Location

Cheyenne was originally settled as the midway point on the transcontinental railroad. Located in the center of the continental U.S., it is the ideal location for warehouse and distribution facilities.  You will love what Wyoming offers.  With interstate I25 and interstate I80 crossing at the edge of the city, you will be able to ship in any direction at an even rate.  Need to catch an international flight?  Cheyenne offers flights to Denver International Airport, it is a quick trip at 100 miles, about 40 minutes.

Choose Wyoming Incorporation

Choose Wyoming incorporation and get more than just a company.  We offer great value to our Wyoming registered agent service.  When you order an LLC or corporation from us, you will get agent service and the state fee paid.  Along with agent service comes some great perks.

Included with Wyoming Registered Agent –

  • Free Wyoming mail forwarding to your location
  • An online management account for your company
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming street address use for your business
  • Full time customer service by phone, email, or mail
  • Free maintenance filing, just pay the state fee
  • Free forms and templates from a corporate library

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