Wyoming Stock Shares

By Angelica Espinoza on Dec 15 in Wyoming Incorporation.

Wyoming Stock Shares

Wyoming stock shares must be designated when you form a Wyoming for Profit Corporation in Wyoming.  When filing your new Corp with the Wyoming Secretary of State, you will list how many shares of stock your business has.  You will list the value of each shares.  And you will list the classification of the stock.  Classification would be if the stock is common stock, preferred stock or a combination of both.  You will not list any stock holders on the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation.  The shareholders will be determined when you have your initial meeting with the directors.


Common Stock and Preferred Stock

You can issue two different kinds of stock for a Wyoming Corporation.  A Wyoming LLC will not have stocks.  So what is the difference between common and preferred when it comes to shares of stock?  The name pretty much says it all.  Preferred stock can have special conditions such as getting their profits before someone with common stock.  When designating the Wyoming shares of stock on the Wyoming Articles of Incorporation, make sure you accurately list what you want.  Be it a million shares of common class or an unlimited amount of common shares with 150 preferred shares.  The choice of combinations is yours.


Changing Wyoming Corporation Stock

You can have stock change hands without notifying the Wyoming Secretary of State.  The state does not record shareholder information.  If you want to change the value of the stock or how many shares of stock there is, you must file an amendment with the Wyoming Secretary of State.  The cost to file an amendment for a Wyoming Corporation is $50.  As you registered agent, Wyoming Registered Agent will file the amendment for you.  Just pay the state filing fee and we will take care of the rest for free!  Hire us as your registered agent.


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