How Wyoming Company Nominees Help Protect Your Privacy through Anonymity.

All Wyoming corporations and LLCs must register the name and address of at least one officer and director (or manager) with the Secretary of State. For a low annual fee, we provide the name and address for the Secretary of State's public record, making you relatively anonymous. Having an anonymous corporation in Wyoming is a life saver for people who wish to avoid past or future entanglements.

Keep Your Name Off The Public Record

By keeping your name off the public record, you can help avert or slow lawsuits, garnishments, attachments and other costly legal situations.

A creditor or plaintiff in a civil suit against you will perform an asset search against your name. By listing our nominee officer, potential creditors cannot easily or directly link the company back to you.

Once the nominee officer is in place, we provide you with several legal documents that authorize you to open bank accounts and conduct other business for the company.

Three Levels of Nominee Service and Corporate Anonymity

Level 1 - Public Record Nominee provides your corporation or LLC with a manager or officer for the public record.

Level 2 - Full Service Nominee lets you use our manager or officer for the public record, and to sign contracts, agreements, letters, and other documents. Up to 20 documents per year will be signed by the nominee manager/officer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Wyoming Virtual Office

The Wyoming Virtual Office Package includes everything you need to do business virtually in Wyoming.

1. Will I get my own phone number or an extension on a main phone number?

You will get your own 307 area-code voice phone number (Cheyenne, Wyoming), and a separate number for faxes.

2. What server do I use for my SIP client softphone?

You can set your SIP client to:

3. What do I pay for my outgoing calls?

The first 1,000 minutes of calls to the U.S. are included in the monthly fee. Additional minutes to the U.S. are $0.04 per minute.

4. How much are incoming calls?

All incoming calls are free and included in the monthly fee.

5. Can I check my usage online?


6. Can I use the phone I have now?

You can use your existing analog land-line phone to plug into the VoIP adapter we provide. Newer VoIP phones and software for a PC or Mac can also be configured to connect to our servers.

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