Wyoming Annual Report in Detail

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 11 in Wyoming Business.

The Wyoming annual report in detail is what we have been requested to talk about, so here it goes.

A Wyoming annual report is the document that determines your tax and renewal status of your Wyoming corporation and limited liability company filings. You will sign the document and send it off with payment to renew your company.

The annual report offers a worksheet to calculate what you need to pay. There will be a list of questions relating to the finance of the company. Fill out the amounts and then you can calculate your tax. Most people only pay $50 ayear.

Worksheet for assets located in Wyoming questions

  1. How much cash is located in Wyoming owned by the company?
  2. What are the value of any trade notes % accounts receivable?
  3. Are there bad debts? Then subtract allowances for those bad debts.
  4. Are there any US government obligations for the limited liability company or corporation?
  5. Do you have any tax-exempt securities?
  6. Total value of other current assets in Wyoming.
  7. Are there any loans to stockholders? How much?
  8. Real estate? Mortgage?
  9. What is the total value of your other investments?
  10. Do you have, in Wyoming, any tangible assets or buildings?
  11. Assets such as coal, soda, oil, precious metals, saline, or other?
  12. What is the assessed value of the land in Wyoming that you own?
  13. Now that you have disclosed your tangible assets, it’s time to list the value of any intangible assets.
  14. Always subtract accumulated amortization, always.
  15. Other assets? What is the value?
  16. Now calculate the total asset value from all questions.

If your assets are between $0 and $250,000 you will be charged a fee of $50. Anything higher will be multiplied by .0002, about $50 for every $250,000.

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