Who said Wyoming Oil is Dead?

By Angelica Espinoza on Dec 28 in Wyoming Resources.

Who said Wyoming Oil is Dead?

Who said Wyoming oil is dead?  Not this cowgirl.  The proof is in the black pudding.

Read this news blurb from the Billings Gazette:

“CASPER, Wyo. — Wyoming’s revenue from leasing land to oil and gas companies grew by more than 800 percent this year.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports the state netted about $146 million this year from leasing more than a half million acres of federal and state land.

State lands alone brought in $60 million this year — much higher than the typical revenue that stayed between $5 million and $7 million in past years.

The revenue from lease sales from the Bureau of Land Management and the auctions from the Office of State Lands added up to about $16 million last year when oil and gas activity was still in a downturn.

State officials say the Wyoming’s decision to switch to an online auctioning system may have played a role in increasing revenue.”