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Wyoming Residency Establishment | Wyoming Registered Agent

Establishing Wyoming Residency

The advantages of being a Wyoming Resident through Residency

There are many advantages to being a resident of the State of Wyoming. The most important part for many people is that there are no personal or corporate state income taxes. That means there is no state return to submit every year. Wyoming drivers licenses do not work on the point system.  Many people find that fact very interesting.


How to become a Wyoming resident

Wyoming residency is discussed in reference to Game & Fish permits at W.S. 23-1-107, Tuition at W.S. 21-17-105, and voting at W.S. 22-1-102(a)(xxx). In general, you are considered a resident as soon as you are employed in Wyoming or have your personal residence in Wyoming. However, to get hunting licenses and state tuition benefits you must have lived in Wyoming for 12 consecutive months.


Establish Your Wyoming Business Presence

Hire Wyoming Registered Agent to form a Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation for you.  We will provide you with a Cheyenne, Wyoming street address, registered address use on the articles and mail forwarding for only $99 a year.  You can also choose to get a Wyoming virtual office with a street address and unique suite number.  You can add 307 phone service and receive a free VoIP phone from Wyoming Registered Agent.