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Wyoming Non-Profit Corporations

The Wyoming non-profit corporation is the perfect jumping-off point for starting your own tax-exempt organization.  The non-profit corporation is often used for religious, scientific or educational purposes, as well as an estate planning tool.


Wyoming non-profit corporations feature:


No Corporate or Personal Income Tax

Because there is no income tax in Wyoming, there is no state income tax return to file every year.  Use that extra money to help support your charity, not Uncle Sam.


No Business Tax

Wyoming does not force you to register your business with the State and pay a fee simply to be a business in Wyoming. Nevada recently shocked the corporation community by requiring a business registration tax of $100, after paying hundreds more to form your corporation.


Three Person Corporation

A non-profit corporation must have three officers who are different people, usually a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary.  These people must be listed on the annual report filed in Wyoming the following years after state registration.


Limitation of Liability

The officers and directors of a Wyoming corporation are protected by statute and case law from the debts and actions of the corporation.  If your company loses a lawsuit and collection is ordered, the governing parties may not touch your personal assets not involved with your company.


Information Privacy

Wyoming does not share taxpayer information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  You will responsible for your tax matters.  The Wyoming Secretary of State will not ask for your social security numbers.


Member Privacy

Non-profit membership information is never on the public record in Wyoming.  Members will not be required to be listed at any time.  Wyoming is big on privacy.


Low Fees

The state filing fee is only $100; the annual report fee $50. There are no “hidden fees” for registering officers or changing your address.


Low Regulation

Wyoming does not have the bureaucratic regulations of many states.  Enjoy the freedoms of a business friendly climate in the cowboy state.


Nominee Directors and Officers

Use of nominees on your Board of Directors and and officers of your corporation allow enhanced privacy protection at a minimal cost.


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