LLC in 3 Steps

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 11 in Uncategorized.

You can start a limited liability company with this llc in 3 steps guide. Take the frustration out of corporate formation when taking the easy way, the smart way.

The LLC in 3 Steps Guide

Step 1. Name your LLC, aka limited liability company. What’s in a name they say, well everything. You want a name that represents what your company is all about. You also need to follow a couple of rules sort forth by the Wyoming Secretary of State in the official state statutes of corporations.

The name must include LLC, L.L.C., Limited Liability Co, Limited Liability Company, or an equal designation. The filing will be rejected without this little detail.

Step 2. Choose a registered agent in Wyoming. We certainly hope that you will choose Wyoming Registered Agent for your registered agent service in Wyoming.

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Step 3. File the articles of organization. The articles of organization must be filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State for the limited liability company to be legal.

The cost to file the llc with the agency responsible for new business filings is $100. You can do this task yourself or Wyoming Registered Agent can do it for you as your registered agent.

Other Steps

Once the 3 steps are done, you will have a legal Wyoming limited liability company to use as your business. There are still other things to pay mind to. You will need to get a FEIN from the IRS. You may need to file employee taxes. Renewals shouldn’t be missed to avoid fees and penalties. And an operating agreement is always recommended.