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LLC for a Website

By Angelica Espinoza on Apr 06 in Wyoming LLC.

Many people have a website for some sort of business. There are those that run an online store and use the website for transactions. Others have a blog and run ads on the website for revenue. And another group of people would be those who advertise there small part-time business.

Let us explore the reasoning of having an LLC for these types of website owners and other types we did not mention.

Reasons to Form an LLC for a Website

Liability is the main reason for opening up a limited liability company for your website. There are vulnerabilities with all types of businesses. Create a safer situation for yourself. If your website business is sued and you do not have an llc, you will be considered a self proprietor. If you lose the case, the judge can award all of your possessions to the plaintiff.

Why would you get sued because of your website?

  • Anti Privacy Laws
  • Promotion of Products or Services
  • Slander
  • Defamation
  • Copyright

Better to have your limited liability company sued than you.

Cost to Form an LLC

In Wyoming, the cost to file a limited liability company by paper is only $100, $102 if filing online. This cost is very minimal considering the high costs to form an llc in other states. You do not have to be a resident of Wyoming to own a Wyoming llc. So if cost was the main factor in you not opening an llc, forget about it. We have you covered in Wyoming.

How to Open an LLC for Your Website

Wyoming Registered Agent can open your website llc rather quickly. Sign up with our registered agent service and pay the state fee. That is all you have to do. For just $199 you can have a new Wyoming limited liability company that works in any state.

Angelica Espinoza