Domesticate Your Corporation or LLC to Wyoming

The domestication procedure lets you move your out of state corporation or LLC to Wyoming. When your company is domesticated to Wyoming, you keep the original incorporation date of your company, and enjoy these benefits all Wyoming companies do:

  • No Corporate or Personal Income Tax. Because there is no income tax in Wyoming, there is no state income tax return to file every year.

  • No business tax. Wyoming does not force you to register your business with the State and pay a fee simply to be a business in Wyoming. Nevada recently shocked the incorporation community by requiring a business registration tax of $100, after paying hundreds more to form your corporation.

  • One Person Corporation. One person can be the President, Secretary, and all the officers and directors of a corporation. (While the same is true of LLCs, legal risks may arise with a single Member LLC as LLCs were designed with partnership structure in mind.)

  • Limitation of Liability. The officers and directors of a Wyoming corporation are protected by statute and case law from the debts and actions of the corporation.

  • Information Privacy. Wyoming does not share taxpayer information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Shareholder Privacy. Shareholder information is never on the public record in Wyoming.

  • Complete Anonymity. Annual reports require the name of only one person and report only the assets located in Wyoming. With a Wyoming corporation you really can anonymously own your corporation.

  • Low Fees.The state filing fee is only $100; the annual report fee $50. There are no "hidden fees" for registering officers or changing your address.

  • Bearer Scrip.Bearer scrip are shares that are issued to the person holding the scrip, instead of a registered owner.

  • Unlimited Shares. You can issue unlimited shares, with or without par value through your Wyoming corporation.

  • Low Regulation. Wyoming does not have the bureaucratic regulations of many states and takes pains to keep it that way.

  • Nominee Directors and Officers. Use of nominees on your Board of Directors and officers of your corporation allow enhanced privacy protection at a minimal cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Wyoming Virtual Office

The Wyoming Virtual Office Package includes everything you need to do business virtually in Wyoming.

1. Will I get my own phone number or an extension on a main phone number?

You will get your own 307 area-code voice phone number (Cheyenne, Wyoming), and a separate number for faxes.

2. What server do I use for my SIP client softphone?

You can set your SIP client to:

3. What do I pay for my outgoing calls?

The first 1,000 minutes of calls to the U.S. are included in the monthly fee. Additional minutes to the U.S. are $0.04 per minute.

4. How much are incoming calls?

All incoming calls are free and included in the monthly fee.

5. Can I check my usage online?


6. Can I use the phone I have now?

You can use your existing analog land-line phone to plug into the VoIP adapter we provide. Newer VoIP phones and software for a PC or Mac can also be configured to connect to our servers.

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