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Asset Protection Strategies | Wyoming Registered Agent

Asset Protection Strategies

Please review some asset protection strategies that you may want to use with one of your Wyoming Limited Liability Companies or Wyoming Corporations.  The following is for example education.  Discussing strategies is a recommended thing to do with your financial planner.  See more helpful info here.


Dual Corporation Strategy


In the dual corporation strategy, Corporation A is started in your local state to do business with the public. Corporation B is a Wyoming corporation which invoices Corporation A for a monthly consulting fee.

The advantages to this strategy is that state taxes can be minimized in your home (local) state, by paying any profits to Corporation B by the end of the year. If anyone brings a lawsuit against Corporation A , only the assets of Corporation A are at risk.  This is a great advantage for you.

Order a Wyoming corporation or LLC with Dual Corporation Strategy Agreements.

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Intellectual Property Holding Company

Wyoming IPIn an Intellectual Property Holding Company (IPHC), the intellectual property, whether it be patents, copyrights, recipes, or other valuable information, is held in a Wyoming company at arm’s length from the operating company, which deals with the public. In the event of a lawsuit, the operating company in the local state is sued, and only its assets are at risk, while the IPHC remains unemcumbered by the lawsuit, and may even license its intellectual property to a new company.

Order a Wyoming Corporation with IP Holding Company agreements.

Equity Stripping

Equity stripping is an easy way to protect real estate, and can also improve cash flow at the same time.