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2017 Wyoming Eclipse Showered Gold

By Angelica Espinoza on Dec 11 in Wyoming Business.

2017 Wyoming Eclipse Showered Gold

2017 Wyoming eclipse showered gold on the cowboy state.  The state tourist office announced with great pride that over $63 million dollars flooded the Wyoming economy from over 190,000 visitors from other states and countries.  Ye-ha!  That’s a lot ta loot pardner.  For a state that only has 560,000 residents total, (that’s children, adults and the elderly combined!), that is quite the boost to the economy.  All that cash was not just from outsiders.  About 260,000 people traveled within the state total.  That means over 10% over the states population was on the go that day.  Gitty up.

Where were all these green backs spent in the cowboy state during the 2017 eclipse?  Travel, grub and shopping is where most of it went.  I am betting the hotels were booked full the night after the eclipse as well.  The lines to get out of the cities with a totality eclipse were literally hours long.  There are not many people that live in Wyoming.  With the increase of cars, it was bumper to bumper for a very long time.

The Wyoming governments didn’t lose out on the revenue either.  It is estimated that the state of Wyoming received over $2 million dollars in taxes from money being spent and local governments received $1.4 million dollars in taxes.  It is not said that they didn’t need the extra money though.  Police, state troopers and emergency personal were out in full force that day.  They had a duty to serve and protect Wyomingites and the much appreciated visitors for the Wyoming eclipse.

The Wyoming eclipse was a great experience for Wyomingites.  Let us hope that it is just as good for Wyoming in the future.  The next total eclipse in Wyoming will be on 2106, May 03 and 2169, Jun 25.  Maybe the mother-ship will land at the Devils Tower by then.  And hopefully the super volcano in Yellowstone hasn’t gone off and destroyed humanity.  Fingers crossed Wyoming.


Angelica Espinoza

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